Vintage vase bouquet

bouquet in vintage vase_sketchbook_wash

Vintage vase with bright flowers.  Pencil sketch with watercolor wash in sketchbook. 

My husband brought home flowers yesterday, so I thought I’d sketch the bouquet and vase this morning in my sketchbook.  I ended up putting a watercolor wash on top, forgetting the paper in this book doesn’t take washes well.  I added some colored gouache to get the pale yellow highlights of the major flower.  The color could be better, but I learned from trying to sketch the vintage vase at this angle.  Day four done and dusted…yay!  but the reorganization and upheaval continues in my studio corner of the living room…  sigh.  Happy first Monday of the year.


17 thoughts on “Vintage vase bouquet

  1. I think this is totally beautiful, Rachel. I’d have never guessed it was done in your journal instead of the “good stuff”. Really fine stuff here, just the right mix of loose and tight enough that we could name the flowers. Really love it!


  2. Nice. I like the fresh feel of this one. I’m going to try to follow your lead and do some sketching every day on this trip. Thanks for the inspiration. Karen

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