Scapes next stage day 21

After today’s event, i painted more on this scapes painting.  I am liking it so far and letting it sit until tomorrow to figure out the next step. I would welcome suggestions! 

Scapes in process day 20

This is where I am in the process of painting the still life of garlic scapes, pepper, and greens.  I realized that the greens are probably chard not kale and need to be suggested rather than be fully detailed all over, because the details are only important around the focal area.  

What do you think? 

Prickly pear blossom day 19

I had real difficulties with being interrupted by my kids yesterday while working on this so it doesn’t have the freshness I wanted.  Frustrating and I probably wouldn’t show it, or persevere with it,  except for this challenge. Oops, I was wrong in writing this was a prickly pear blossom. It’s actually a cholla or walking stick blossom.

Kale take 2–day 18

I am happier with how this is coming together.  After sleeping on it, and spending some time painting upside down, I think I can perfect this. It feels fresher to me. Needs more work but I need some distance from it to know what to do next. 

This is how it started.  A puddle of pigment with plastic wrap crumpled and laid on top with weight on top until it dries. 

And here is yesterday’s with judicious additions, liftings and glazing. 

So I think I can use this technique in a confined area on kale in the bigger picture. Kind of fun to use the abstract pattern that occur and glaze over in leaf sections. What do you think? 

Kale day 17

OK. I am sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly! I am not quite sure where this kale study fits in.   LOL. I tend to go too bold in dark values so I have to lift it out and I think a cleaner look would be thinner glazes.  And I feel like showing the form of this krinkled surface makes me feel tight.  Anyway, those are my ramblings late on a tiring day… 

One idea I had was to try texture technique of using plastic wrap over moist wash but I am not sure that would turn our any better for me. 

Another thought I had was to work from life rather than a photo.  

Or…..Or….If you have any tips, I am sure open to hear them!  Please and thank you. 

Here is the photo from which I am working

Pepper study. Day 16

I am painting this again in preparation for a food still life for an upcoming show.  I have painted this previously in a piece called Harvest Song which is hanging at the EPCC show on Viscount until the 24th.  I would paint it differently now including the background, and after some frustration on another piece for this show, I decided to switch to this subject to get the submission done.  

Blue jay feathers day 15

Well I am halfway through this challenge and time has flown! It is feathers again today, for Janene! 

 I am not totally satisfied with either of these feathers because I don’t have the blue quite right.  And the feather is iridescent which could be achieved with Daniel smith  iridescents which I don’t have. I think I need to see if I have peacock blue or Antwerp or Thalo blue in my stashes.  I used ultramarine and indanthrone on the more blue purple feather, and cerulean chromium and indanthrone on the other. Still had fun and learned something! 

The Summit — Day 14

This morning I sketched storm clouds over our mountains while waiting to pick up my daughter, and this afternoon I tried to express it in paint. The mts got away from me so I tried some palette knife texturing.  It is what it is…LOL

Poppies–Day 13


Here is the 13th day of painting.  California poppies scattered in a prickly pear patch.  I am almost halfway through this challenge and the time is flying by and I am having such fun!

Breaking through — day 12

Breaking through was painted from a photo I took of the Rio Grande around Bernalillo area at a time the weather seemed to be changing.  I painted it wet in wet as long as I could, and yadded details onto dry paper later. Hope you like it! Please leave a comment and thx for stopping by.