Snow Branches

snow branches_4_rachel_murphree_watercolor

Day 2, small study of snow on branches

Yesterday and today I worked on small studies of snow on bare branches.  Oddly enough I’m realizing now that I didn’t work from life (too busy when the snow was here) nor from photos (I don’t know why!)  anyway, here are Day 2 and 3 of the 30 in 30 paintings challenge.

The color of the stormy winter sky was made with cobalt and quinacridone burnt scarlet, sometimes with a little quin gold added.  On these two, I put in the background after the branches and snow.

Snow on branches

Day 3, study of Snow on branches

On other studies I’ll show later, I used masking for the snow, painted the sky and then added the branches on top.  The browns will certainly cover the blues.  That’s the good thing about practice.  You get to know which colors can be successfully painted on top of which other ones.

18 thoughts on “Snow Branches

  1. How pretty! It is true to life. There hasn’t been much snow this season in New England; an inch. I’m still waiting for the snow to come; 100 inches is usually the norm. I love the snow. Your pictures made me miss it a little more. Actually, there are times the snow, when really wet, hangs all over the branches. Then it falls off like you pictured. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for writing Gabby, and for your kind words. I hope that you get way more snow than 1″ before the winter is over. Our norm of rainfall is 7″ for the *year* and we got more than that in snowfall in less than one day. Strange climate in both of our locales!


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