YUPO demo today @ IMA

Quite a last minute reminder I know, but I will be doing a demo of watercolor on yupo paper today at the International Museum of Art on Montana Street during “Elevate your Art” an afternoon of fun from 1-5 today to raise funds to repair this historic building’s elevator.


There will be a silent auction from 1-4 of small masterpieces donated by local artists, and tons of other fun.  Here’s complete info: 

May 7, 2017 1pm – 5pm
Bid on a wide selection of art by outstanding El Paso artists to repair the elevator!
Bids begins at $35 and close at 4pm
Go home with a masterpiece!

1:30 PM THE DESERT DIAMONDS – Barbershop quartet

ART DEMONSTRATONS BY CandyMayer – Rachel Murphee – Judy Hampton

HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT DONE Charcoal Portraits By Manny Guerra and Pastel By Barry Martin Suggested minimum donation $10 – all proceeds to museum

Childrens’ art activities with Carmen Navar

International Museum of Art
1211 Montana Ave, El Paso, Texas 79902
Lots of free parking!

My plein air painting Spring Morning is available at today’s auction:


Spring Morning. Plein air watercolor framed to 8 x 10. 

My Yupo Valentine

Here’s a painting on yupo paper from a Valentine’s bouquet my husband bought me.  

One thing I should point out you should watch with yupo is that oil from fingerprints on the paper act like a resist meaning the paint doesn’t stay there.  Sometimes it fits into your design; sometimes it doesn’t. 

You can see the spots along the bottom which is the vase but I don’t mind it that much.  One place where it does work well is next to the pink purple daisy. The thin straight line acts like a vein in the leaf; it’s also an oil spot. These spots can be removed by wiping rubbing alcohol over the paper even now.  Remember anything can be lifted off of this paper at anytime. 

End of Winter day 30

I made it!  30 paintings in 30 days, and it was fun! Hope you had fun too following along.  This is also done on yupo. 

Mountains day 29

Today’s yupo painting is a more controlled one, rather than playing and spritzing and rolling around the pigment, I went in more purposefully. The time flew by.  Yupo may be a very good stress reliever and there are many of us that need a little of that these days!

Flowers day 28

Saturday’s sale at the Sunland Art Gallery was a time of companionship and lots of laughs and lots of sales. We are open one more day, Tues the 31st of January but then it is the end of an era. So if you would like a nice piece of art or print at a very good price, please stop in 10-5 on Tuesday. 
This is a small little yupo piece that was started in our class and finished yesterday.  Not getting around to blogging until today. 

WIP watercolor on Yupo

I had to share this beautiful piece painted by Martha Keim, and done on YUPO. I’m getting excited researching all one can do with watercolors on Yupo and can’t wait to get back to working with it today.

Using my beloved QoR watercolor, this is Michael in his element

Source: WIP watercolor on Yupo

Yupo play day 27


is the texture on this cool, OR WHAT??  wow…  The pebbly type in the middle portions was created by a quick spritz of alcohol.  I can see it being really useful to create lizard skin, fish, desert plants, etc.  and it’s really fun to see the grays and neutrals created with the pigments, so there is much to learn from this about my pigments.

What do you see in this image?  remember, anything can be removed, or added to…FUN!  just FUN!

Can you tell that I’m psyched?  I’m going to make February YUPO month on my blog, and paint daily on it and take them further than these experiments are right now.  It’ll fun to see what comes out of it!

For more info, here are some sites on YUPO.  there are plenty…just google!

Yupo play day 26


In our small watercolor group, two of our members taught us about Yupo.  It isn’t a traditional watercolor paper, but instead an archival plastic type surface that is a whole lot of fun!  The watercolor moves constantly and blends and merges, and you can lift out shapes that either stay or don’t, depending on how wet the pigment, and you can blow on it with a straw to get movement, and even after it dries, you can lift back to the white (or a slight pale color if you’ve used staining colors) so it was just a BLAST for me! Right up my alley, as it were.

So this is stage one of a play piece…looks like rocks to me and an ability to create a desert scene behind with negative painting, etc.  it was a busy day, so I didn’t work on it more, and I’m using another piece from this day to be Day 27, so if there were rules in the challenge, I would be “cheating” but we’re going to let it go! So look for these after I work on them more, and we’ll see what the difference is.