Chile Wreath #2 in progress

Chile Wreath 2_in_progress_rachel_murphree_watercolorToday was a good painting day, now that I have my studio corner cleaned and organized.  Here is the second Chile Wreath painting but started before I’d worked out how to do the raffia top…and also a bit high up on the paper!  Sigh.  I will add upper lighter layers of the raffia in paler gouache once I’m satisfied with the chiles themselves, and figured out a background.  But for now, here is is.

studio corner_rachel_murphree_watercolorAnd here’s what my newly cleaned studio corner of the living room looks like.  My plein air easel and palette are in the suitcase and I”m loving the new desk lamp ott light that lets me paint at night without a horrid glare.  Supplies are in the bureau drawers.  It’s  a studio cobbled together that works well for me.

16 thoughts on “Chile Wreath #2 in progress

  1. Dark tones in Chile Wreath created a nice depth! Turned out very well!
    I like your new studio set up! Specially the bureau drawers where you can everthing at one place!


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