Birthday Studies in Color and Value

I’ve been laying low online, but in real life I’ve been working on studies and homework from group lessons with Nancy Frost Begin.  She’s from Las Cruces — here’s a bit about her and her varied work.   I have gotten so much out of the two classes we’ve had with her.

Here’s homework that I just finished where we had to paint a small painting in our regular style, and then repaint it two ways:  once in darks/shades, and the other in palest hues/tints.  I took my birthday bouquet as the starting point.

And here they are in black and white through the magic of software.

I found the dark one the most difficult to paint.  I knew that yellow would be the lightest dark on the value scale, but I thought I was getting the rest pretty dark, but as you can see above, they are a bunch of lights in the painting.

All in all, it was an excellent exercise all around in the pigment/water ratio, mixing darks, while just having fun!   oh yes and my birthday was chill and relaxing…just what I needed!


Mother’s day flowers

Here’s a glimpse in my sketchbook. This was a  loose contour drawing of the bouquet which included calla lilies which are unusual in a bouquet. Then I painted in quick washes.

Roses 30 in 30 day 2

Roses 30 in 30 day 2

Roses 30 in 30 day 2

My sweet husband brought me a bouquet of roses yesterday and I painted this vignette today for my Day 2 painting of the 30 in 30.  It was better, in my eyes, before I did too much, I know you watercolorists out there can relate!, but still, it gives a feeling of the bouquet.  And I need more practice drawing with the paintbrush especially with complicated blossoms like roses… but that’s what the 30 in 30 is — DAILY PRACTICE!!

Century WIP

Century WIP

and here’s a slightly more accurate color view of the wip of the century plant that I showed yesterday.  

The 30 in 30 painting challenge is one that I’ve participated in twice yearly for several years and it is always a fun, challenging and productive month when I do it. Click on the link to see other people’s works that they’ve done today.  there are about 1000 artists all over the world participating this time.

Vintage vase bouquet

bouquet in vintage vase_sketchbook_wash

Vintage vase with bright flowers.  Pencil sketch with watercolor wash in sketchbook. 

My husband brought home flowers yesterday, so I thought I’d sketch the bouquet and vase this morning in my sketchbook.  I ended up putting a watercolor wash on top, forgetting the paper in this book doesn’t take washes well.  I added some colored gouache to get the pale yellow highlights of the major flower.  The color could be better, but I learned from trying to sketch the vintage vase at this angle.  Day four done and dusted…yay!  but the reorganization and upheaval continues in my studio corner of the living room…  sigh.  Happy first Monday of the year.

The last bouquet

I had to take two, maybe three days off from painting bc of the end of school flurry of activities in PTA and in the kids’ lives, so today came back to the partially completed work and finished it. The flower detail is a bit of guesswork because the real flowers are droopy and shriveling. I do like that i got the darkest darks next to lightest light, and have detail there and bot in rest of bouquet. I think the first pitcher, see prev post, is mote spontaneous and liquid but i like this handle. If only one could pick and choose parts!


2 and 3

So i worked on this bouquet two more times, once w soft wet in wet wash laid down first, the second without. Not sure what i think do i am setting them aside until tomorrow.



Bouquet painting again

Today J did the Braden Aboud 5k race and she ran the whole way! She did great. 9.5 min miles.

She got a fortune cookie whose innards spoke to me and got me painting again.
It said: Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest part.

When i have been away from painting i will do anything, even cleaning, LOL, to put it off! So hopefully this is another of many bad paintings in order to get better at it.