A Fresh Start beaded palette

“A Fresh Start” plays with the idea of beads as paint on a palette, using bead embroidery to replicate the juiciness & volume of squeezed paint on a heavily used palette. Embellishing wool fibers onto felt to create the palette was tremendous fun, a creative technique I will use in the future! This won a prize in 2010 at the Arts International show. This sculpture is available for sale. Contact me for more information.

beaded palette photo

Complete beaded palette called “A Fresh Start”

Photo of palette on stand

My dh made the little slanted pedestal inside the case AND the wooden pedestal it sits on, on short notice, and without complaint! He’s fabulous.

beaded brush

Close up of beaded brush (real brush inside)

Closeup of green puddles

Closeup of green puddles

closeup of puddles

closeup of burnt sienna and yellow puddles

Closeup of puddles

Close up of scarlet and orange puddles

closeup of puddles

Closeup of “cooler” puddles, violet and teal with alizarin crimson

In Process photos:

Background supplies

Supplies at the beginning of project. Dyed felt with roving to felt onto, and upcycled pressed board palette

Beads for project

Beads and partially started puddles of “pigment” onto stiffener

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