The Promise — beaded toddler shoe

My bead embroidery sculpture of my daughters’ toddler shoe won a Judge’s Award at the El Paso Art Association’s Colors of Spring show in 2014. It was a nice show and exciting to see paintings and photography represented.  Many thanks to the Damon Crossland Insurance Agencies for their support of art in El Paso and this show in particular.

I started the front panel of this piece right after they outgrew the shoe but just completed it these many years later. It is amazing how much more time you have when the kids are more self sufficient, the rest of the panels seemed to create themselves. I had such a good time making it!


This sculpture is available for sale. Contact me for more information.

photo of beaded shoe

“The Promise” — bead embroidered and felted toddler shoe

“The Promise” top view.

photo of shoe

“The Promise” closeup of back.

“The Promise” side view

“The Promise”

“The Promise” side view

“The Promise” side view

photo of show

“The Promise” in process, beaded front and original shoe — bead embroidered and felted toddler shoe

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