4 –>40 Trees and trunks

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Tree studies

Here are some studies on fall foliage and trunks of yuccas. I like the freshness of this.

In some of the pigment for the bin paintings, I saw that some yellows “explode” into other pigments, and one of them seems to be new gamboge.  As I take my dog walks and see the yellow leaves still on the trees in front of pines, I think that the jagged edges of the yellow branches could be created by having the yellows run into the greens.  So here’s a try to get it to happen, and it kind of did, but here are other experiments.

I think what would help would be to put the greens down and have them be not wet but damp and drying  before putting the yellows in next to it.  We’ll see…

yellow green experiment1

yellow green experiment1

yellow green experiment 2

yellow green experiment 2



yucca trunks

Collage of yucca trunks

Yuccas are not trees, but they have a trunk that seems tree like, especially when the dead leaves are trimmed as they often are in landscaping.  Here’s a collage of various studies to get the texture of them.




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