Another tree sketch and wash

mesquite tree sketch and wash

mesquite tree sketch and wash

Still thinking of trees and experimenting with painting them.  Here’s an ink sketch done while waiting for one of the kids.  I was working on getting the colors and the light and only suggesting foliage, not defining every leaf.  It’s in a sketchbook so the paint reacts differently than on watercolor paper which is thicker and sized to accept the wet media.  Even so, it’s fun to put washes over sketches in the sketchbook.

You can see other tree paintings in previous posts: tree studies, winter trees, and trees and trunks.

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10 thoughts on “Another tree sketch and wash

  1. Rachel, because I always enjoy your paintings and chatting with you so much I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! Liebster is a German word and means ‘most favourite’. The award’s goal is to make high-quality but little-known blogs more widely known. This is why there are a couple of questions attached to the award which the winner is invited to answer. You can find the questions here towards the bottom: Will you accept the Award? 🙂


    • Hi Antje, how funny that I’ve been nominated for this award from you and another blogger, Snehal. I am flattered, really, but I just don’t think I want to spend the time answering questions, making up new ones, and nominating people. My apologies. I feel like I get so easily behind in my blogging, I go in fits and spurts, that I’d want to spend blog time writing up new posts instead. Thank you again though!


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