Day 25 — The back garden

My back garden. watercolor 6

My back garden. watercolor 6″ x 10″ watercolor $25

Here’s today’s quick sketch of my back garden in early morning sunlight.

I like how it turned out,, and  I think it’s because it was done outdoors, I did a bit of planning and had patience to let layers dry before going back in to add more — that’s when you get mud.  Mud in a garden is good; mud in a watercolor painting is not!

13 thoughts on “Day 25 — The back garden

  1. Rachel, you call it a quick sketch, but my, how wonderfully you’ve caught the time of light, tonality, and color ranges– I think its one of your better ones I’ve seen of your recent posts. do you think the time constraint has forced you to “let the paint work its own wonders”? that’s when you step above previous skill levels.


    • David, thanks for your comments. I agree that it’s one of the better recent ones. If I could only remember every time to plan, and to have patience! and to squint for the values. I planned to get the softness with the wet in wet and some mid tone values and then let it dry. I had run out of time. I came back in for another short spell of putting in the darks, doing some negative painting, and adding another layer of color on the blossoms. I don’t let the paint do it’s thing enough!


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