Day 24 another portrait sketch

hard worked portrait of daughter #2

hard worked portrait of daughter #2

“What’s on your mind?”

That’s the prompt for this section in the blogging software I use.

Well, frankly….  I’m thinking…wow…I don’t like doing portraits!

I learned a bunch in our painting class today on how to draw faces, how to get proportions and angles, but I sure did struggle over this!  so many erasures of features and shading…she looks blotchy and doesn’t have the soft smooth skin that she has in reality.  But it does look more like her than her sister’s sketch looks like her.

7 thoughts on “Day 24 another portrait sketch

  1. Portraits haven’t been my favorite either, so I am working on some sketches also. I prefer the painting process though and I think you will be pleased when you do it again in paint. The right eye seems a little off. I think a scanner and my enlarging tool is wonderful for the final painting. I think any artist of the past would use them. lol


    • Well Suzan, I may have to try to paint them and see if I enjoy that process better. I just may. The fiddling with details in pencil work can make me a little nuts. Yes, looking at it with fresh eyes (!) I do see the right eye is off. It is smaller than the other and at a wrong angle. Thank you! Yes, artists in the past would definitely use whatever new tool could help them wouldn’t they? Thanks for writing!

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