Day 26 Lantana Studies

botanical type illustrations in watercolor

Lantana Studies for day 26. 9 x 12″ watercolor

Day 26 found me in the courtyard sitting right next to my pastel variety lantana plant and attempting to capture the ball of little blossoms. Each round cluster is about 1.5″ across and starts from a flat cap from which tiny bugle blossoms appear. Once I relaxed and let the paint do its magic, they started coming to life for me.I didn’t focus on the leaves as much but that’ll be for another time.

I’m thinking about doing a very in depth large view of a ball of blossoms because I think it would be such fun to mingle the permanent rose and yellows in each little bugle.

And now I’m off to do a plein air of the mountains that bisect our city.  Yesterday without a camera I was on the other side of the mountain and the colors of the rock and the glowing grass from the extra rains we’ve had recently were amazing.  So I’m hoping that it will be a good session.

happy Sunday!

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