Hearts all around

Freeform small art quilt as a thank you present for Wendy.  I made this earlier in the fall, but forgot to put it up on my blog, and since I haven’t done all that much this year, sad to say, I’m adding the photos I’ve forgotten along the way.  So there will be a flurry of blog activity, again, and perhaps a chance blogging will continue in some regular manner in the new year.  HA!  anyway…this was a learning experience, mostly recycled fabrics, some quilt fabrics, yellow daisy lace, tons of hand embroidery and beading, and I had a blast doing it.  It’s a tad wonky as you will see in the finished picture, but perhaps it adds to its charm.  in any event, I think I know how to fix that on the next quilt.

CIMG1709 CIMG1710

CIMG1707Free floating hearts

The next quilt is cut and on the design board, for the girls’ bathroom, in teals and hot pinks with some greens.  I will start sewing the strips this week.

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