Picking up watercolor again

this time hopefully to find the time to keep painting!  I spent yesterday painting on and off all day, getting used to the paints, the brushes, soaking and stretching some paper, found there are some papers I don’t care for, and it was a good day.  I’m sticking with just three primaries and learning to make a range of colors, including grays and browns.  The colors are:  cobalt blue, winsor yellow, and alizaron crimson.  All I believe are cool primaries.

Primary Doodles

So the first is brush strokes and having fun, and the second is called “driftwood and leaf” from a photo I took six years ago on a beach of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque.


Driftwood and leaf

Driftwood and leaf watercolor

I forgot to say on this that it’s on the back of an unsuccessful piece that had gotten banged about, so there are marks and creases in the paper that became apparent with the paint and I think they add to the beach effect. happy coincidence.

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