Woodpecker on Feeder

11″ x 14″ watercolor with pen and ink. Click on image to view larger.

Here’s a watercolor with pen and ink detailing in places. It’s a glimpse into my back garden and the feeder I have to attract woodpeckers (one of my favorite birds). This is part of the view from my studio windows.  As I’m typing now there are at least a dozen birds chowing down on the bird buffet in my backyard!

It was fun to do some detail with ink, I will probably try this technique again.

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My big little helper

Here is Tulie, helpful as ever as i move my supplies for felting to an easier to access place. She never misses a chance to snuggle whether into humans or sweaters!


Felting around

Yesterday i played around with my five needle embellisher and some to be upscaled sweaters. For those of you who don’t know, an embellisher is a machine that uses no thread but only barbed needles to mesh wool fabric and fibers into a new fabric. I had specific ideas in mind, involving polka dots but designing and playing took over. These rectangles will become barrettes after some beading and embroidery. The squares on the right were cut from the initial garments.


In progress

So what have i been working on (other than being a mom and keeping the household going during rehab upheaval?). LOL

Here’s a glimpse of the quilt top wallhanging for bathroom. I am next sewing bubbles in it here and there. J’s suggestion was to add in purple and she was right. I viewed her suggestion a bit skeptically since purple is her new obsession but i am glad i took it. L loves it.

art quilt in progress

and here is my vest w cables. Somehow in last night’s tired knitting i reversed the direction of the other sides’ cable so i will be frogging several rows this am. sigh. But i am at the armhole making stage so chugging along!! divine vest in progress

On the design board


Hearts all around

Freeform small art quilt as a thank you present for Wendy.  I made this earlier in the fall, but forgot to put it up on my blog, and since I haven’t done all that much this year, sad to say, I’m adding the photos I’ve forgotten along the way.  So there will be a flurry of blog activity, again, and perhaps a chance blogging will continue in some regular manner in the new year.  HA!  anyway…this was a learning experience, mostly recycled fabrics, some quilt fabrics, yellow daisy lace, tons of hand embroidery and beading, and I had a blast doing it.  It’s a tad wonky as you will see in the finished picture, but perhaps it adds to its charm.  in any event, I think I know how to fix that on the next quilt.

CIMG1709 CIMG1710

CIMG1707Free floating hearts

The next quilt is cut and on the design board, for the girls’ bathroom, in teals and hot pinks with some greens.  I will start sewing the strips this week.

Finished pockets!

Pocket 1 frontPocket 2 frontPocket 2 backPocket 3 frontPocket 3 backPocket back


Finished pockets from the background I made last week… these were FUN to do!!

Pocket Progress report


Had a little bit of unexpected free time after I voted, so I put together the background fabric for some more fabric pockets I’m making for the Clothpaperstudio group‘s swap.  Now comes the fun part — hand sewing, embroidering, beading, once the shape has been cut out.

Pocket unfoldedFront of pocketBack of pocket

While traveling to England this year, I saw Tina’s wonderful pockets and the book she put together from them, and was inspired.  Check them out!

Camelot Purse

I was approached by a coworker to create an anniversary purse for his wife. It was a challenge, and I took it on! He has given her handmade gifts for many anniversaries, each with a theme, so he wanted to have a purse that had something of all the various themes in it.

From Camelot

Some of those themes included: Camelot, Star Trek Voyager II, “forever frogs” frogs that were joined by an unbreakable bond, Moulin Rouge the movie, his wife’s Japanese and multi ethnic background, Egypt, Shipwreck treasure, Folklorico dancing and a screen play. I decided to go with basic black repurposed suede, have a lovely cotton quilt fabric lining, and 7 or 8 pockets. I can’t remember now how many. Also, the little “gnome” zipper pull has a significance as well, and it’s hidden inside the purse.

From Camelot
From Camelot

I haven’t made purses in awhile, but it was fun to get back into it and make a special something that no one else has, for his “special someone”. If you click on the link below the pictures, you can see the other pictures.

A different take on flowers for Mother’s Day

From Fiber Arts

I made this pansy pin for my mom for Mother’s Day. Have to get it in the mail tomorrow, to see it arrive on time. It’s about 3.25″ square, a bit on the largish side, but it’ll be nice on a sweater or jacket.

It was really fun to put together. I used my embellisher machine, stitching roving onto a repurposed pale peach sweater sleeve. The roving and stitching takes away the stretchiness of the base fabric, which is really good to know. I wasn’t sure. Then I cut and recut the petals, comparing it to photos of pansies I have, and pansies I saw on my (3 mile) dog walk yesterday.

I whip stitched the edges and stitched veins onto the leaves to imitate the ruffling of the flower petals, and I think that was successful.