Seedpods, lesson learned

Seed pods

Lesson learned: don’t use up colors that are on a palette, just to be frugal. It’s only paint, and not tons of paint either. I used up colors to make this painting, and I wasn’t happy with them nor how it turned out. Afterward, I washed out the palette, and the colors seemed to go ON and ON forever, but that was part of the problem, the colors left on that travel palette were the strong staining ones.

Someone on the watercolorworkshop yahoo group suggested they would have placed the bottom pod to either the left or right, and I definitely see that — it would be better than the “T” formed by the pods as they are positioned here.

I’ve decided I don’t like filling up a palette and having tons of choices, I prefer to pick a limited palette for the painting at hand and I think I “fuss” less with it using that method. What method do you use?

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