Sketching feels like solving crossword puzzles

when it’s done right! Why? Can you guess?

Today’s sketching task, preliminary to painting tomorrow, was this stilll life, of another set of seedpods.

From WC2010-2011

and in black and white to better gauge modeling and values:

From WC2010-2011

Here’s the sketch. I knew it would be challenging so I used the pencil measuring technique to determine the relative relation of objects to each other and enlarged it somewhat and made myself check lines to determine top/bottom/center/third of way from top and bottom. You may be able to see those lines. Then I started sketching edges and negative spaces, constantly checking them against other edges and spaces, and after lots of erasing in certain areas, there was the wonderful sense of achievement when the remaining spaces and edges fell into place correctly. That’s what I mean by crossword puzzle solving OR jigsaw puzzle solving and feeling like you’ve got it all lined up!

From WC2010-2011

I used blue colored pencil to remind myself when painting where the shadows are and I hope, starting fresh tomorrow, to be able to create the soft shading and hard edges to make this come to life. wish me luck!

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