Farmer’s Market Scapes

Farmers' Market Scapes watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Farmers’ Market Scapes.

I’ve put the final touches on this painting and it will be one of the ones that I submit to the Arts International juried show this month.  This show allows submission of three pieces for one price, so it will be this, Contemplation (the water scene) and one other yet to be determined.

I cleaned up the edges on the scapes and brought out more of the light highlights and shadows, and pulled out some highlights in the kale.  This was challenging, and fun, and when I started, I never in my wildest imaginations thought it would have such a dark purplish background, but I think it makes the veggies pop.

It shines with a white double mat, and would make a lovely spot of color in someone’s kitchen!

If you’d like to see previous posts on this process, see Stages four and five and The next stages of the scapes  and Scapes anyone?

And I have to tell you, the scapes (the curling tops of garlic plants) are quite tasty cooked and keep very well in the veggie drawer in the refrigerator.  I quite enjoy painting veggies and fruit.  I sense a series coming on….stay tuned…

I’m always glad to hear from you, so please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Thank you for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Scapes

  1. Nice job, Rachel! I love the background too. I don’t think I’d have imagined it that way either but I agree that it seems just right to make the veggies pop while remaining not too obtrusive but yet interesting! If that makes sense lol. Oh the insomnia; pardon my brain. Have a great day Rachel and good luck in the show! 💛


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