Felted Santa ornament day 7

Here is yesterday’s painting sitting in my recliner using a support and palette with thumbhole. The Santa turned out well but the boughs?  Not happy with them, but I will try it again.  

Today I am painting a hummingbird nest that is in my “cabinet of curiosities” or collection of nature treasures. I am doing it wet in wet and now letting it dry before adding details. 

Thx for stopping by! 

Santa is not coming early


Thought Tulie might “enjoy” bring santa for halloween, two holidays out of one costume, but NO! The armholes seem too tight and forget about the hood! She intently tries to scratch it off, poor girl. There’s no harm in altering the suit, it is from an estate sale after all. She DOES wear the sweater i knitted her so if i make it less fitted like the sweater she might keep it on.