What’s the best part about being an artist?

Garden_visitor_sold_rachel_murphree_watercolorsI love to paint in watercolor, I’m content to frame my own work and enter shows and now have my work in the Sunland Art Gallery, but one of the very best parts is interacting with the people that purchase my art.  I’ve heard that art is a conversation between the artist and the viewer, and this takes it to the next level.

Yesterday I got a chance to do just that with this lovely lady who purchased Garden Visitor.  She graciously posed in front of the gallery with her new painting and was excited to go and test it out in its new home.

Sometimes it takes awhile to put into words what we are looking for.   We pulled out prints and originals from several different artists in the gallery and auditioned them and talked about how they would fit in the space. As we worked I thought I had a better idea what she was looking for. On a whim I showed her this piece, not sure it would work, but it fit the requirements of vertical orientation and outdoor scene and the right size,  and it spoke to her.  The decision was that quick. What a fun experience!

Having this happen on top of selling Red Hot and Yucca Bloom at the Woman’s Club of El Paso show a week ago, is beyond what I ever thought!  If I believed in lucky numbers, three would be it.   There again I got such a thrill meeting the new owners, hearing where they would put the paintings or who they were giving the painting to and why.

I have these three paintings in cards and will get them in matted prints soon to sell at the gallery and online.  Summer is a busy time because my schedule isn’t my own with busy teenagers, but it’s in the plans…  stay tuned.  Having my work available steadily at the Sunland Art Gallery takes a bit of that pressure off of me.

When I buy art or prints, I just love to meet the artist and if i have a connection with them it makes me enjoy my purchase so much more.  Have you had any experiences like that?  either as an artist or as a buyer?  As an artist what is your favorite part of the process?  I’d love to hear about it!

Red Hot! print sale

Print of watercolor and happy collector

My first sale of a 16 x 20 print of “Red Hot! ” with the happy collector!

This week has been so exciting, and the fun doesn’t seem to be stopping. The original of this painting called Red Hot! is for sale at the show downtown until September 19th, but my friend wanted a 16 x 20 print of it which is bigger than the original.  It turned out so nicely and she’s very happy and so am I!  I can’t wait to see it framed and on her wall.

Now that I’ve figured out the printing process, I will come up with prices for various size prints and post about them later and have them on the website as well.  This makes it really easy to make and ship prints in a tube to anywhere!  Stay tuned if you’ve been considering prints for yourself or for a gift….