Knitting — yet another obsession!

I took a knitting class at my local yarn store (Mayaluna Yarns in El Paso) love it! and I’ve been having fun, learning a lot, ripping out a lot, but having fun, did I say that already? but today will be a painting day as well, but for now, I wanted to share pics of work done or in progress.

Do you know about Ravelry?  It’s a fabulous site where you can find help with knitting questions, patterns to download (free and for a fee), yanr information, etc. etc.  I’m making the Holden Scarfette from there in the blue/green Malabrigo hand painted sock yarn, it’s a JOY to knit with.  love it.

The peach scarf was the class project and it also is from Ravelry, called Falling Water. It’s done in Debbie Bliss cotton, also great to work with.

Camelot Purse

I was approached by a coworker to create an anniversary purse for his wife. It was a challenge, and I took it on! He has given her handmade gifts for many anniversaries, each with a theme, so he wanted to have a purse that had something of all the various themes in it.

From Camelot

Some of those themes included: Camelot, Star Trek Voyager II, “forever frogs” frogs that were joined by an unbreakable bond, Moulin Rouge the movie, his wife’s Japanese and multi ethnic background, Egypt, Shipwreck treasure, Folklorico dancing and a screen play. I decided to go with basic black repurposed suede, have a lovely cotton quilt fabric lining, and 7 or 8 pockets. I can’t remember now how many. Also, the little “gnome” zipper pull has a significance as well, and it’s hidden inside the purse.

From Camelot
From Camelot

I haven’t made purses in awhile, but it was fun to get back into it and make a special something that no one else has, for his “special someone”. If you click on the link below the pictures, you can see the other pictures.