The seeds of a new year

My goals for the new year are to sketch and paint daily. No pressure, right??  LOL.  I know I won’t succeed every day but I believe in aiming high. 

New Year Pomegranates

New Year Pomegranates ink sketch with watercolor wash

As you can see from the buckling pages, this sketchbook isn’t made for wet media, but these pages aren’t anything precious.  Just daily practice in drawing and noting the pigments that were used. 

Happy New year to all!  May it be one of peace and enjoying the daily goodness of life. 

Day 9 of 30 in 30 — Pale Pomegranates

pencil sketch with watercolor wash

study done from life of an unusual colored cut pomegranate on a plate

This morning we had painting class.  We were on our own to finish up or paint a new painting, and I was struck by a cut pomegranate on a plate in the kitchen with a cloudy day outside lighting it in neat ways and shadows.  I kept looking at the plate, snapping pictures, and then walking away, but I was drawn back. pale_pomegranates_sketch_rachel_murphree

So I did a sketch in my book, tried out colors and jotted them down, and then did a sketch and wash on watercolor paper.  It won’t be a finished painting, but it helped solidify the experience in my mind, and will give me information when I go to do a painting from the photograph.

By the way, the pomegranates are different from this tree this year.  In the past they’ve been red ones, but this year, they only turned yellow and the fruit is pale yellow/peach but very sweet.  Wild! Have you ever seen one like this?

pale pomegranates_photo

photo of pale pomegranates…look at the cool shapes of the reflections/shadows