What a fun show!

"Peaceful Spot" watercolor by Rachel Murphree

“A Peaceful Spot” This is taken from my imagination, a peaceful spot I’d love to visit and contemplate. SOLD.  Click on image to view larger

I had such a good time at the show last night! A lot of people came from various parts of my life and I was so touched for their support and presence. Amazing. The show was packed with pieces from seven artists, all different in styles, and it was quite exciting to see so much of my work up on the walls in a show. It was really rewarding to sell a couple dozen cards, two framed prints AND two originals! My husband took a photo of me putting the “red dot” on the price label which signifies the painting was sold. If it turned out well, I may post that later.

I’m writing this in a hurry because I’m heading down soon to the gallery to staff the show, and I’ll be taking my paints and paper with me to paint in between visitors. If you’re local and couldn’t make it last night, please stop by if you can. The gallery is open from 11-3.

Painting of wren figurine.

Wren figurine. SOLD. Click on image to view it larger.

By the way, the painting of my dog Tulie was a big hit!  It captured people’s hearts.