In progress

So what have i been working on (other than being a mom and keeping the household going during rehab upheaval?). LOL

Here’s a glimpse of the quilt top wallhanging for bathroom. I am next sewing bubbles in it here and there. J’s suggestion was to add in purple and she was right. I viewed her suggestion a bit skeptically since purple is her new obsession but i am glad i took it. L loves it.

art quilt in progress

and here is my vest w cables. Somehow in last night’s tired knitting i reversed the direction of the other sides’ cable so i will be frogging several rows this am. sigh. But i am at the armhole making stage so chugging along!! divine vest in progress

Sweater for Tulie

It’s  been quite chilly here this past week and looks to continue for a few days.  Our little dog doesn’t want to stay out long at the dog park, so figuring she needed a sweater, I went to the store.  Nothing seemed warm enough, nothing in wool, and frankly the stock was depleted.  not knowing if she would tolerate one on, I decided why not?  There’s a patriots game on, and I can do some knitting.  I found a french press cover that I’d made early on in my knitting life (not that I’m too far along now but still) and it was too big so I put it away.  I got it out, it fit around her body perfectly, so I picked up stitches in the middle of the one side, knitted up to make the top back portion and made a tab to go around her head.  2 1/2 hours later she was sporting a new sweater!  and she likes it, she really likes it! I’m thrilled.  it was fun making up my own pattern, I took notes as I went, just to keep track of what I did.  so here are pics of our little Tulie girl styling….ImageImageImage

You can see how my tension has improved, not so loose a knitter any more, and the part I added, I did in continental which I’m trying to get as comfortable with as american.  When I “throw” the yarn too much, I can feel my shoulder isn’t happy with all that extra movement.

Cloche finished

Knitted cloche with free pattern from Ravelry. A bit of a stretch for me and my abilities, but I finished it!  didn’t tack the front brim down, but I did the back edges of the brim.  Mattress stitch is easy.

Christmas pictures










hand knitted socks from Aunt Marti for girls and Violet the doll








Beautifully decorated San Jacinto Plaza, downtown El Paso

My Presents








and some of my presents.


Aren’t those measuring cups adorable?  The video set is fabulous, I’m watching it in bits and pieces, and I love my new electric teakettle.

Recent knitting

Here are some more pics of work I’ve been knitting. it’s fun, and addicting.  I’m also on Ravelry now, as if I have time to keep some OTHER website updated, but I’m going to give it a try! My ravelry name is rcbeads


Knitting — yet another obsession!

I took a knitting class at my local yarn store (Mayaluna Yarns in El Paso) love it! and I’ve been having fun, learning a lot, ripping out a lot, but having fun, did I say that already? but today will be a painting day as well, but for now, I wanted to share pics of work done or in progress.

Do you know about Ravelry?  It’s a fabulous site where you can find help with knitting questions, patterns to download (free and for a fee), yanr information, etc. etc.  I’m making the Holden Scarfette from there in the blue/green Malabrigo hand painted sock yarn, it’s a JOY to knit with.  love it.

The peach scarf was the class project and it also is from Ravelry, called Falling Water. It’s done in Debbie Bliss cotton, also great to work with.