Flying saucer cupcake

Jenna's cupcake _murphree watercolor in progress

This painting has a ways to go yet, but I wanted to show you what I’ve been  working on.   My daughter is a fabulous baker, and this is her chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting that is her latest creation all from scratch. Right now it looks like it’s a plate flying in the area with a blob on top, I know!  The background reflections are partly in, and I have to add the tabletop and work on forming the beautiful frosting, but it’s getting there.

New Mexico Wines

"New Mexico Wine" Watercolor  by Rachel Murphree

“New Mexico Wine” Watercolor. 10″ x 14″. Click on image to view larger.

I am calling this finished, after working on it today at group.  I never would have thought I could paint glass and reflections, but it’s really great what a slew of classes and consistent practice will do.  This was from a class taught by Penny Simpson, and I’m so glad that I was able to take it because it pushed me to try something new and difficult, even though I was half frozen with fright after getting down the black background, and looking at attacking the glass.

My favorite part is the cork for some reason…

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Oh yes, and the artist that said paintings have an adolescent stage is Jan Hart.  Her work is wonderful if you haven’t seen it…

Adolescent Art

watercolor painting

In progress watercolor of agave plants and their beautiful shadow

No, these paintings were not done by my adolescents, but *they*  are adolescents!   A new friend of mine said a workshop instructor said that all paintings go through this phase, a perhaps “ugly” phase, or not complete, where you as the artist are frustrated, worry it won’t come out well, or want to ditch the painting. I wish I could remember the artist’s name to credit him or her.

watercolor painting

In progress watercolor of wine bottles.

I find this quite a comforting thought as I face my pile of started paintings from various recent classes and also my attempts at plein air painting (painting outdoors) last week.

I think I will work on the wine bottle painting today when we meet to paint as a group. The plan is to mix a watery pigment puddle and carefully brush it over the existing bottles, one at a time, and selectively soften the edges of the reflections in the glass. I’ve put this off for two weeks, while we were on spring break with the kids, but now I will have to address it.

It’s ONLY PAPER after all…I have to keep telling myself that.

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