Silver City in September part 1

We went to Silver City in the miata to attend their Red Dot Studio Tour.  It’s been a couple of weeks already, too much else to do to blog about it, but today’s a down time day, so I’m catching up!  Silver City, New Mexico is such an art filled town, it’s one of my favorite destinations.  I toured four studios and in one, was able to try deconstructed screen printing, and now I see what all the fuss is about!






So first on the trip we took the country route to Mesilla, NM and went through pecan orchards being irrigated.  By the time I realized I couldn’t capture the light and reflections and shadows of pre sunset glory, the magic moment was gone, but I did get some shots when we stopped the car.

We ate dinner at Zefiro’s artisan bakery/restaurant which is in the downtown pedestrian mall in Las Cruces, NM and took shots at dusk of the tiled walkway, bridal wreath vines starting to grow up canopy created with metal posts and rebar, SO cool, and white lights lining the walkway.


I thought this lamp by Vernonique de Jaegher was so cool!  she made handmade paper and molded around this beautiful branch and lit it from within.  I saw it at the The Common Thread,  store front for Southwest Women’s Fiber Arts Collective. 

While I was there there was a couple from Belgium traveling through following the brochure for the Fiber Arts Trail of New Mexico, and they were buying a handwoven rug to take back with them.

On Saturday I went to three studios on the Red Dot tour.  Two were combined, husband and wife of Moonstruck Art Studio.  Both artists are retired teachers and you can see their enthusiasm for teaching still comes through!  Bill Blakemore is the potter, and I didn’t have my camera out to take pictures, but I plan on going to the November Fiber Festival where he’ll be selling yarn pots (that guide and contain your yarn ball while knitting).  Hopefully I can attend Pat Bouchard’s workshop on japanese stab binding too.  She demonstrated another type of bookmaking that I really enjoyed.

In the afternoon I went to the Susan Szajer Studio  in her beautiful studio/home near Pinos Altos.  I’m in love with her studio, and her work is amazing.  I bought three pieces (gasp!) for family to give me for Christmas and my birthday, and loved every minute I was there.  She shares her knowledge freely, allowed us to try deconstructed screen printing and showed how the whole process worked.  If I had even a small room devoted to a studio, I might consider making my own fabric like this, but I’m staying firm to stick with the fabric I have that works in my small space….  at least for now!  <big grin>  I’ll show and tell the pieces after I’ve received them as gifts.  for now, you’ll have to wait!