At the beach

beach patterns_Rachel_murphree_Watercolor

No, my excuse for being away from my blog was NOT that I was “at the beach”….if only that were true!  This was from a class exercise this past week done from a photo provided by the teacher.  It was fun to do, playing with my favorite colors of blue and orange.  In this case those colors in particular were cerulean chromium and quin burnt scarlet and quin burnt orange.

This has been a busy busy month for me with extra pressures coming from all sides:  gathering together my figures and setting up an inventory for tax season in my first year of selling art; having some kind of flu that knocked me out for much longer than usual, or I expected, and parenting stuff…oh yes, and painting and framing for two shows.

But I’m back, and on April 19th I’ll be doing a presentation on my 30 in 30 painting challenge experiences for the local Rio Bravo Watercolor group so I’m going to rev up and do a “mini” challenge:  15 days of the 30 in 30 so that I have new work to show.  So stay tuned for that.


Day 11 of 30 in 30 — Around the Bend

Around the Bend.  8" x 10" $25.

Around the Bend. 8″ x 10″ watercolor $25.

So in today’s offering we have one painting that combines both elements of my nominal “theme” of this challenge:  Seas and Skies.

This painting was inspired by a trip over a decade ago to the Rio Grande up in Rio Rancho, NM with the kiddos.  It’s been a hectic busy week, after other busy weeks, and I knew for a fact that I would NOT have painted today if it weren’t for this challenge.

So that’s great!

I also know that doing this daily is helping techniques “click” in my brain.  As an example, I started out the sand with an earth yellow color added other colors to it, blues, burnt oranges and then brushed them together to help them blend, making sure to keep the brush strokes horizontal and I think it helped define the sand.  That was from a video I watched last month and the act of painting helped pull that technique from deep in my brain.

There are parts of this that I would have liked to do better, but for the end of a busy week, I’m calling it “done”!

I love hearing from you.  Please let me know you stopped by!