30 in 30 – January 2017

wp-1485919596740.jpg wp-1485745049210.jpg wp-1485744920131.jpg yupo_desert_wip_rachel_murphree_watercolors yupo_rocks_wip_rachel_murphree_watercolors wp-1485443724774.jpg wp-1485443713851.jpg wp-1485317447271.jpg

2nd try on walking stick bloom

2nd try on walking stick bloom

WC study

Small study of eye and colors

wp-1485054337320.jpg wp-1484954049556.jpg wp-1484935605105.jpg wp-1484796460742.jpg wp-1484796442205.jpg wp-1484707895277.jpg wp-1484623028071.jpg wp-1484508176376.jpg wp-1484449544182.jpg wp-1484161373509.jpg wp-1484269224083.jpg wp-1484425035501.jpg prickly-pear-experiment_rachel_murphree_watercolor wp-1484085256440.jpg hummingbird_nest_rachel_murphree_watercolors wp-1483921181827.jpg turkey-feather2-rachel_murphree_watercolors wp-1483635780887.jpg wp-image-595012392jpg.jpg wp-1483736177871.jpg img_20170102_200831315_crop_543x773 tulips_rachel_murphree_30_day1_2017

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