Paintings on the “Cradle”

I’ve recently mounted paintings onto deep cradled wood panels, sometimes painted on the sides, sometimes not. Here they are individually and as a group.  Click on any photo to enlarge and browse.

The paintings are at the Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe (5034 Doniphan Dr, El Paso) or at First Impressions Salon (6633 N Mesa St # 502 – ask for Leslie)  

Because they are mounted on wood and are not behind glass, they can be shipped.  Contact me if you’d like details.  

GREENS! in honor of St Patty’s day


And now for something completely different!  I recently took a class with Nancy Frost Begin on abstract painting beginning with elongated out of scale sketches of ordinary objects and then playing…  It’s very different for me, but I’m sure having fun.  While painting you keep turning the canvas to get a new perspective, and work on using the elements and principles of art to make an interesting piece.  This is in process, so I’m not sure where it will go from here, but I think the journey will be a blast…  I’m thinking it needs more places to rest your eye, and I have to look at it critically with the principles in mind…  but here it is turned three ways.

Does either way catch your fancy?  What do you see in it?

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Don’t Ruin the Jellyfish!


Under the Sea? Yupo demonstration

Doing the Yupo demo was such fun on Sunday!  lots of people were there, and stopped by to ask questions, watch the painting and lend their support. I talked to probably a dozen or more people about the art they do, where they are in their process, and also to nonartists who appreciate art.  I started putting on paint without a plan and started demonstrating what the paper could do, and we were off and running. What do you see in the above painting?

I had people say, OK, add some darks but whatever you do, don’t ruin the jellyfish!  I think that’s in the top right corner.

The top left froth and foam was made by spritzing rubbing alcohol and letting the paper and paint “do its stuff”.  As with other art on paper, it’s fun to see what happens if you cut and crop. The first is the froth.  The second, what do you see in it?

froth on yuporiding the waves on yupo

It’s important to note that even with yupo, you can overwork a painting and lose the freshness and texture you had, and I’m sure that happened here.  But all in all, it’s a fun freeing way to paint!

And I was pleased that my painting Spring Morning had a mini bidding war and was purchased!


YUPO demo today @ IMA

Quite a last minute reminder I know, but I will be doing a demo of watercolor on yupo paper today at the International Museum of Art on Montana Street during “Elevate your Art” an afternoon of fun from 1-5 today to raise funds to repair this historic building’s elevator.


There will be a silent auction from 1-4 of small masterpieces donated by local artists, and tons of other fun.  Here’s complete info: 

May 7, 2017 1pm – 5pm
Bid on a wide selection of art by outstanding El Paso artists to repair the elevator!
Bids begins at $35 and close at 4pm
Go home with a masterpiece!

1:30 PM THE DESERT DIAMONDS – Barbershop quartet

ART DEMONSTRATONS BY CandyMayer – Rachel Murphee – Judy Hampton

HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT DONE Charcoal Portraits By Manny Guerra and Pastel By Barry Martin Suggested minimum donation $10 – all proceeds to museum

Childrens’ art activities with Carmen Navar

International Museum of Art
1211 Montana Ave, El Paso, Texas 79902
Lots of free parking!

My plein air painting Spring Morning is available at today’s auction:


Spring Morning. Plein air watercolor framed to 8 x 10. 

Abstract rocks — Tina Stallard workshop


This week I took a fun and really informative workshop with Tina Stallard, a fabulous watercolor painter from Albuquerque.  The class was structured to teach us design elements to make stronger work to submit to juried shows.  It was intensive and I learned so much.

She brought two black and white photos for us to choose from to use as a basis for creating a value sketch that really works, including strong design scenarios such as the cruciform shape of darks/lights in a intersection shape around the focal area, a radial arrangement that radiates out from the focal area, and another common one, a horizontal/vertical arrangement.  She strongly recommend buying this book Seven Keys to Great Paintings. If you are unsure what I am referring to, browse some of her pages.  I can’t wait to get my book in the mail.

This is an abstract based on a black and white photo she took of the rock pattern in a dry river bed, and some of us really made it abstract with wild fun colors.  I chose more earth tones but added pops of dark color near the focal point which made me uncomfortable initially, but now I see the value of it.  I think I will eventually crop this smaller but I’m happy with all I learned.  I’m hoping to have the time in the next couple of days to work on value studies for future paintings to really “bake in” what I learned.


As a wind down activity on the last day we did a wet in wet wash with colors and let it dry during lunch.  Then we came in and sketched a design lightly on the top and used negative painting, or putting darks in to define shapes, to create a painting.  I like how this one turned out!

And now the rest of the workweek will be focused on getting ready for my booth at the Queen of  Peace bazaar.    I can’t wait to see how that all plays out!

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