Pierogies and painting

During isolation I have been out of commission with lower back issues for several weeks and standing, sitting and walking were painful. The recovery is slow because I didn’t want to risk a visit to the chiropractor and I was really missing painting. Today I made a travel kit to have near my sofa and painted while my daughter cooked pierogies and kielbasa. The onions were starting to sprout because I hadn’t been cooking recently and they have interesting shapes. And now it is time to eat!!

Christmas continues


Here’s a painting I gave to my wonderful mother-in-law for Christmas.  As you may know, I’m fascinated with the Red Bird of Paradise that grows here, Caesalpinia mexicana, not to be confused with the other Bird of Paradise hat grows in more tropical conditions and that actually looks like a bird’s beak. (Strelitzia reginae  Forgive the wonky picture.  I took it before I started framing it.

I’m gearing up for the 30 in 30 painting challenge which I start tomorrow.  I’ve been painting daily this week, to get back into the swing, and am excited about doing it again this January.  If you’d like to see earlier examples of what I’ve produced in these challenges, click the 30 in 30 link at the top of the page.  I’ve grown a lot through these challenges because it jump starts my studio practice and keeps me more accountable.  I plan on making the blog posts shorter perhaps to make that part of the process quicker to do, to spend more time painting and sketching!

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Teaching watercolors

I had my first experiencing teaching watercolors to my great niece over Thanksgiving.  She is as old as her fingers show, and she was really attentive and understood what I was trying to show her. It was REALLY fun and neat to see my kids painting along with their cousin.  I was approached by parents at a show wondering if I would do lessons for their middle schoolers, and I may consider that in the near future. They say when you teach something, you really learn it– and it is true!