Pierogies and painting

During isolation I have been out of commission with lower back issues for several weeks and standing, sitting and walking were painful. The recovery is slow because I didn’t want to risk a visit to the chiropractor and I was really missing painting. Today I made a travel kit to have near my sofa and painted while my daughter cooked pierogies and kielbasa. The onions were starting to sprout because I hadn’t been cooking recently and they have interesting shapes. And now it is time to eat!!

6 thoughts on “Pierogies and painting

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your back troubles! You’re smart to be cautious. Hope you continue to improve. Homemade pierogies should help!🙂
    Funny, I always like the look of sprouting onions and garlic too!


  2. Hi Rachel..thanks for your comment on my blog about my purple card set. I’ve posted a link to my Etsy store on my blog where I’ve now listed my available card sets…so please check them out there to make your purchase. I’m updating as more sets are being made. Thanks for your interest in my watercolor work! Take care, Annelein


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