“Our December Desert”

I’m excited to be offering these small original paintings in bookmark form! 

3 thoughts on ““Our December Desert”

  1. Those are so cool!!! Makes me wish I actually read a book these days, (I listen now so I can do a mindless task and get a story in). Those chilies are so bright!!! couldn’t lose you place with one of those. Good luck on the show!


    • Thanks Beth! I listen to a lot of books these days too, for the same reason. I still love a handheld book though so I can’t get rid of them, and it seems as though once i start reading a print book, I pick up another one and another one. We are creatures of habit. If I’ve been reading books on kindle, then when I read in print, I find myself wanting to hold my finger on a word to see its definition, just like in kindle. I love that feature!


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