It’s magnetic!

I started playing with a new idea to make magnets from details of  prints of my paintings. I think these starter ones turned out cool. I have more glued and weighted drying, to cut and make tomorrow. I won’t have a lot of stock, but I am going to give them a try at the festival this weekend. What do you think? 
(And yes, that photo is me in my 20s with my glorious morning glories in my garden in New York. ). 

7 thoughts on “It’s magnetic!

  1. Great idea. I love to decorate my fridge and other spaces with magnets from friends and travels.Just keep the inventory low so folks don’t just spend money on inexpensive magnets instead of paintings.


  2. What a fun idea!!! on the other hand a dollar for and inexpensive magnet, is better than nothing….. enough of those… will equal a painting. But have a Great Day… anyway!


  3. What a lovely idea! Do we get one for our fridge?

    Missed you at breakfast, but enjoyed your husband’s company.

    Love, Jean



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