Yupo play day 27


is the texture on this cool, OR WHAT??  wow…  The pebbly type in the middle portions was created by a quick spritz of alcohol.  I can see it being really useful to create lizard skin, fish, desert plants, etc.  and it’s really fun to see the grays and neutrals created with the pigments, so there is much to learn from this about my pigments.

What do you see in this image?  remember, anything can be removed, or added to…FUN!  just FUN!

Can you tell that I’m psyched?  I’m going to make February YUPO month on my blog, and paint daily on it and take them further than these experiments are right now.  It’ll fun to see what comes out of it!

For more info, here are some sites on YUPO.  there are plenty…just google!


7 thoughts on “Yupo play day 27

  1. Interesting experiment. Mick Leo and Lannie Alexander are two NMWS members who’ve gained much experience and success on yupo – if you wish to tap into their resources.


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