Yupo play day 26


In our small watercolor group, two of our members taught us about Yupo.  It isn’t a traditional watercolor paper, but instead an archival plastic type surface that is a whole lot of fun!  The watercolor moves constantly and blends and merges, and you can lift out shapes that either stay or don’t, depending on how wet the pigment, and you can blow on it with a straw to get movement, and even after it dries, you can lift back to the white (or a slight pale color if you’ve used staining colors) so it was just a BLAST for me! Right up my alley, as it were.

So this is stage one of a play piece…looks like rocks to me and an ability to create a desert scene behind with negative painting, etc.  it was a busy day, so I didn’t work on it more, and I’m using another piece from this day to be Day 27, so if there were rules in the challenge, I would be “cheating” but we’re going to let it go! So look for these after I work on them more, and we’ll see what the difference is.



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