Shiloh study day 24

Today was a hectic day, and as I was laying down relaxing after dinner I realized I hadn’t painted yet today. Yikes!  After over three weeks I had developed a habit! Imagine that. 

And American Experience Rachel Carson came on on PBS and I really had to see it right then.   What to do? 

I ended up painting in bed while really just listening and looking up occasionally. 

As you can see from the photo I am working from a black and white image, playing with color.  His nose ran more than I expected and the paint doesn’t lift up well to fix it, so it is twisted weird. Other than that I think it is a fun study.  The actual commission will be much more realistic in colors but I was considering concentrating on dark and light values tonight. 

I have to think more on the colors I will use and techniques for feathered fur. I may try rough paper for this which I haven’t used as much. That texture would help the brush skip across the paper helping the feathery effect. 

It is the first time I have painted in bed on a large plexiglass piece and thankfully no accidents occurred although our little dog tried her best by sailing up onto the bed.  Yikes again! 

Thx for stopping by. I would love to hear what you think. 

10 thoughts on “Shiloh study day 24

  1. Pretty good for painting in bed! The nose is actually fine. In your final version, I’d be careful to make sure that the eye color is accurate and that the highlight reflections match, so the eyes don’t look crossed or odd.


  2. Painting in bed, that’s different, not one that I have done…yet! I love the idea of the plexi glass to lean on, and you have made a great start on your commission. I agree with Barbara, if you get the eyes right, the rest usually falls into place 😀


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