Kale day 17

OK. I am sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly! I am not quite sure where this kale study fits in.   LOL. I tend to go too bold in dark values so I have to lift it out and I think a cleaner look would be thinner glazes.  And I feel like showing the form of this krinkled surface makes me feel tight.  Anyway, those are my ramblings late on a tiring day… 

One idea I had was to try texture technique of using plastic wrap over moist wash but I am not sure that would turn our any better for me. 

Another thought I had was to work from life rather than a photo.  

Or…..Or….If you have any tips, I am sure open to hear them!  Please and thank you. 

Here is the photo from which I am working


7 thoughts on “Kale day 17

  1. OK back! Love your photo and my suggestion would be…stop trying to paint Kale and just paint the shapes and values you see—maybe even try it upside down?????

    You can do this Rach!!!!(I can’t, however!)

    Karen >


  2. I really like what you have so far. But Yeah, I think a real piece of kale, or a different photo would be better. This kale is really dark, you interpreted it extremely well! You have great shapes, I think you just need to tie in the blues, and those bits of yellow with another wash, and your kale will be great.


  3. Nice effort. One of our demo artists uses Winsor Newton “Lifting Prep” plus his own mixture of 1part water with 2 parts gum arabic, to preserve areas he wants to lift color out of later. It worked well. And I agree that some deeper greens, with cad yellow or leaf greens in the translucent areas would give you the needed contrast. The paint upside down (to see the shapes) is an excellent idea promoted by Betty Edwards in “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. It also helps to place your painting somewhere upside down and just sit and look at it until the problem areas pop out at you.


  4. I like the purple with the green, it reminds me of the green long-stemmed stalks which were included as greenery in the lovely flower collection you gave me for my birthday


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