Playing Prickly Pear Day 10


This was how the experiment started yesterday.  On Sunday we had a lovely demo on a technique using heavy levels of staining watercolor on a wet sheet with a wet synthetic chamois underneath to keep the moisture levels high.  So I tried it at home.


Once you have all the paint on nice and juicy, you take stiff bristle brushes and lift out lights and designs.  I was going for desert foliage. The paint then took forever to dry!


Today I went in and played with adding color and making the shapes more.  While I’m not crazy about the whole image, I like part of it cropped, and that’s below:



So what did I learn?  I learned (again) that it’s fun to play and that i want to be more judicious in what I lift off next time and how much I work the paper.  But I like the suggestion of more pear pads behind these and the interesting colors.  This is an experiment I will try again!

I’ve also learned that I’m enjoying the 30 in 30 painting the MOST this time.  I’m a third of the way through already, and I’m still going strong and enjoying it.  hope you’re liking glimpses into my daily painting process…

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