Early Journey Show

The New Mexico Watercolor Society started something new this year:  An Early Journey digital juried art show for members, such as me, who are not signature members yet nor have won one of the top four prizes in an NMWS show.

If you don’t know, being a signature member means that you get to put the initials of the giving organization after your signature on a painting, and each organization grants the status differently.  NMWS grants if after the artist has five paintings juried into an NMWS sponsored show within a certain period of time.  Getting signature status in this organization is one of my long term goals which is one reason I took the Tina Stallard workshop in November to learn good design skills.

I had two paintings juried into the show!  You can see all of the pieces, including the amazingly beautiful best of show horse painting only until the end of December:  Early Journal NMWS digital show

Yucca bloom in watercolor by Rachel Murphree

Yucca bloom.  Original sold.  Prints and cards available. 



Agave Shadows #2 .  Original sold.  Prints and cards available for Agave Shadows #1.

While the originals were sold already, you can get prints and cards of either at my online store.  

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