Chile Trio and more in the Gallery


Chile Trio. $225. Prints and cards available.

I’ve written about the process of painting these three chiles here and decided to frame it and take it to the Sunland Art Gallery.  It’s definitely a harvest/fall piece and I really enjoy the copper frame that it’s in.  This is an in process framing job, taken before the glass was inserted. It’s available for $225.

I’ve also matted and bagged various sizes of prints of my paintings, some of the originals are already sold, and some still available.  Prints matted to fit in a standard size 8″ x 10″ frame are $15, matted to a standard 11″ x 14″ are $30, and prints matted to fit a standard 16″ x 20″ frame are $45.    They are at the Sunland Art Gallery now  and soon to be available online.

I will also get my feet wet at selling at an indoor fair.  I will have originals, prints, cards, and ornaments for sale at Queen of Peace Bazaar on Belvidere Street, on November 12-13.  You can purchase them also at my online store. 


4 thoughts on “Chile Trio and more in the Gallery

  1. How did the demo go yesterday? I was planning on coming by but the ‘family guests’ changed the plans!

    Like the matted prints…good idea.

    Karen >


    • Karen, I was a lot more comfortable and so I enjoyed it more. I did a soft wet wash of color and did another version of the chile trio. Had another soft wash to do a tulip painting in reserve, but didn’t need it. Hope you’re having great family fun.


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