Petals Askew


This piece was done during a class with Julie Caffee-Cruz and we could use her photo of sunflowers, or one of our own.  This was one of mine and I liked how its petals were not quite perfect and how the light was shining through some of them.

The seed filled center was fun to paint, charging in rich colors of quinacridone burnt scarlet, ultramarine blue, indanthrone, some quin burnt orange and some yellows.  I thought I’d taken a photo of it at that stage, but turns out I didn’t, or I can’t find it!  anyway…  I thought it needed more definition to show seeds and light shining on it, so I risked putting on another layer of color and I think it worked.

Here’s the reference photo: 2014-07-025




8 thoughts on “Petals Askew

  1. Rachel -very nice sunflower. You may wish to lift out a tad where the sun hits and add definition as a place for the eye to rest.


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