French painter stage 2 — 30 in 30 day 15


French painter a la Julie Caffee-Cruz


In painting class again this week with Julie Caffee-Cruz, we worked more on our version of her award winning painting, Parisian Artist.  It is fascinating to see how differently they all  are turning out, and in fact how different her own painting this time differs from the last time.  His scarf is done with borrowed paint, Schminke Translucent Orange, which is such a yummy color.  I may have to get that for my own collection!  I haven’t done his water bowl yet, so  perhaps that will be orange too to tie in that color a bit more.

Here’s how it looked before the class. I had to do a lot more sketching in of the details before starting to paint. There are still some details left to do on it, and it was a great learning experience.


Have you used Schminke paints? If so, what colors are your favorite?  Or what orange is your fav?

Thanks for stopping by.  I enjoy hearing your reactions to my paintings or my ramblings…


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