Painting but not posting!


For the past several days my usually busy life has turned hectic, so I’ve been painting but not posting on my blog.  When I’m too tired, that’s what usually goes by the wayside.

This is further work on my double size (for me) painting of a century plant.  It is 22″ tall and 15″ wide that I think I will crop skinnier to get this kind of thinner profile for the composition.  I’m happy with the depth of field that I’ve gotten but plan to do it again with more thought to smoother washes. I hope to do more studies on the spines and how to do the color mixing and get the shapes just right.

thorns_study_sm-30in30_day6Our informal painting group had Julie Caffee-Cruz come in to teach the other day which was fun and helpful.  I so admire her work, she is a prize winning watercolorist and artist in pencil.  I always find *at least* one thing from any class that is helpful or meaningful to me, and this time it was what she does with detail areas.  She works from many photos but prints out zoomed in photos of the details of a piece to be able to see them more clearly.  That seems like such a commonsense thing to do, but it really hit me how useful that would be.  Sometimes I work with an ipad or laptop image and pinch in to see it bigger, but I think I’d prefer working from prints and clearly seeing.

I’m considering this a study, or practice piece, and on the future painting, I  plan to print out spine blowups to better understand them and their shape on the finished painting. Above you can see a spine study I did, but again I feel like I was doing it en rote, to get something painted in this busy time, without taking the time to really SEE them.

What do you think of the piece so far?  I’d love to hear constructive criticism on how to improve it the next time. Thanks for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Painting but not posting!

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