Dreamscape 30 in 30 day 3

Jen's dreamscape

Jen’s dreamscape

Today was a day to play and learn about color.  On my dog walk early morning, I try to figure out what pigments I could use to reproduce various colors.  Coming down the hill, looking out onto the mesa that is greener than usual because of recent rains, there are spots that have the early morning sun hitting them  which are a glowing pale red orange/peach but the greens are blued because of the atmospheric distance.  This is the scene I had in mind, clouds pressing down but plays of teals and peaches.  The painting became a different kind of view.

My daughter was with me gallery sitting while I played with paint, and she played on her guitar writing a song, and she fell in love with this piece — “Stop Mom, don’t do any more on it.  Can I have it for my room?”  How could I resist?

So Jen’s Dreamscape it is and it has all deckled edges so I may mount in on top of mat board in a frame.  I scanned this one to try and get the subtle colors and it’s almost accurate. If you notice the peachy long area with the deep red top edging (it is under the area that has the brightest pink at the horizon line) that area in person has the appearance of a peach slice showing the darker red of the area around the pit of the fruit.  That’s the benefit of playing!  you find techniques that with careful noting in a journal (and luck the next time) you can try and recreate for other uses.

The colors i used were cobalt turquoise, quinacridone red, and transparent yellow.  I will play with these colors again.

The 30 in 30 painting challenge is one that I’ve participated in twice yearly for several years and it is always a fun, challenging and productive month when I do it. Click on the link to see other people’s works that they’ve done today.  there are about 1000 artists all over the world participating this time.



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