The Reveal: Paradise Found


red BOP WIPIn my last post I did a sneak peak at the piece I was working on.  It’s now finished and my friend Diane again came up with a cool title for it:  Paradise Found.  The flowers are the Red Bird of Paradise shrub that surprisingly does quite well in our desert environment.

I haven’t had time to concentrate on painting much this summer, so as the deadline to shows approached the pressure was on to do value studies, color studies and then paint the piece.  I really enjoyed the process and am happy with the result.

Here are some step by step shots to show you the pale background wash followed by a similar photo with grey spots on it which are masking fluid to save the whites of the paper.  My favorite part of the piece is the pods and the color mingling on them.  The part that didn’t turn out as well as I’d like was the darker background.  If you click on one image you are in a slideshow of the rest.

I submitted it as well as two other pieces to the New Mexico Watercolor Show that will be held in October.  I just found out today that it none of them got in.  I’m a bit bummed but such is life.   I’ve been really fortunate lately with my art activities, and it just isn’t realistic to expect that to keep happening.    The really nice note that went out to all the artists that entered tried to counter the disappointment by saying to view the paintings not as rejected,  just “not invited” which I thought was really thoughtful.

I am definitely planning to see the show in person to see the high caliber work that I know will be there, and to be inspired.  The show runs in Albuquerque at Expo NM from October 1-30, Thurs-Sundays each week.

And speaking of inspired, tomorrow I start the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge that I have done twice a year the past couple of years.  Stay tuned!  I’ve gotten several books on color recently, so I believe my practice and painting for the month will be focused on learning more and more about color….


8 thoughts on “The Reveal: Paradise Found

  1. Well I love this one too Rachel, the colours are striking, and it draws the eye in, well done, sometimes I think the choice for accepted submissions is as much about the subject matter as the quality of the art…it may have been for that reason I’d preference for abstract, figure, landscape….or maybe they select a few from each subject…who knows, I would have accepted it, WP gallery would be fun 😀


    • Thanks so much Rebecca. We have heard from the show managers that the competition was tough and that we shouldn’t be discouraged. And who knows what the judge’s preferences are. In the light of morning I know the areas that I need work on, and I am resolved to improve. Really appreciate your support!

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