Mountains and Media


Balcony View. Plein air watercolor by Rachel Murphree  framed to $16 x 20. $225.

I’ve just submitted this watercolor to the Celebration of our Mountains Art Show at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing.  This is a fabulous restaurant/lounge/farmer’s market that I love.  I did some plein air paintings there earlier his year.

In other news, the Gallery Talk column of the August El Paso Scene was devoted to the members of the Sunland Art Gallery (including me)


Here’s the text of my portion:

Born in Pennsylvania and raised in New York State, Rachael Murphree displays a wealth of enthusiasm and energy in whatever she does. Arriving here in 1997, Rachael immersed herself in working with the PTA at Polk School while her two daughters were grade schoolers. Now that the have moved on to middle and high school, Murphree decided to indulge in what she calls her “Me Life.” Her mom had been an accomplished seamstress so it was only natural that Rachael turn to a needle to foster her creative outlet.

From quilting she branched out into beaded embroidery. “Still inspired by what was going on in my life, I made such things as a ‘mommy glove,’ which detailed events in the lives of my children, and portending the future I also did a palette with a beaded paint brush.”

In 2014 she discovered watercolor painting. She reading books on techniques and also took workshops with local painters Bill Bissell and Owen Rath. Memberships in the New Mexico Watercolor Society and the Plein Air Painters of El Paso gave her further opportunities to take workshops with experts in the field and to enter her work in juried competitions.

Murphree says she prefers smaller subjects such as a flower or sea shell and how they are influenced by light and shadow.To challenge herself, she shows her work in public as often as possible. In June she participated in the Women’s Club exhibition, where she sold two pieces of her work. “For me the reward comes not only in selling my work but also in talking to the people who purchase it. They tell me where they plan to hang it in their home or that perhaps it was purchased as a gift. This type of input tells me that I am making a connection with the people for whom I am painting.”

And here’s a sneak peak into a piece I’m working on now….red BOP WIP


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