Demo on Saturday

I’m excited to be doing a watercolor demo at the Sunland Art Gallery this Saturday, August 13th.  The opening is from 12-6 and my demo will be from 2-4.  

I decided to paint one more version of Charley, this sweet dog that is my first commission in watercolor.  You can read about my experiences with painting dogs.  During the times when the paint has to dry I have a landscape in mind to work on.  If you have time, please stop by!

Here’s the My Masterpiece show description:  This is something new.  Art work could be a piece with a favorite masterpiece included in the painting.  For example, a still life of tropical fruit with a Paul Gauguin painting on the wall.  Or it could include several masterpieces in a collage.  Or it could be a painting “in the style of” a famous artist.  Or a copy of your favorite artist. Use your imagination! One or two entries per artist.

So this is my contribution to the show.  “It’s What’s for Lunch, Andy”.

watercolor of campbells soup can

Watercolor a la Andy Warhol for “My Masterpiece” show @ the Sunland Art Gallery

4 thoughts on “Demo on Saturday

  1. I love the soup can, Rachel! Not like anything I have seen on your blog before but really good. The lettering is superb! Lucky chaps who can see you do your demo this week. I hope it goes really well!


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