It’s What’s for Lunch, Andy

watercolor of campbells soup can

“It’s What’s for Lunch, Andy”  Watercolor a la Warhol for “My Masterpiece” show @ the Sunland Art Gallery

The Sunland Art Gallery is hosting a new show called “My Masterpiece” which runs until September 30th. There are some really cool pieces there, either in the style of a famous artist, or an interpretation of a famous piece.  If you’re local, I hope you can get out and see the show!

The opening is from 12-6 next Saturday, August 13th, and we’ll have demos going on all day.  I will be doing a watercolor demo from 2-4 on August 13th of painting a dog and also a landscape (while waiting for the paint to dry).

Here’s my updated view of the classic pop art of the 1960s. I remember painting something similar with poster paint in 7th grade art class.  Many thanks to my friend Diane who is an absolute genius in naming things.  I will definitely ask her again to name some of my art!

Remember Charley, the sweet dog painting I am doing on commission?  I took the several versions i’ve done over to his human and it was fun to see her reactions.  She is going to choose between them and the one that I will paint next Saturday.  Which one is your favorite?

watercolor painting of dog

Charley with background. 8 x 10 size



Charley take 2 (11 x 14).


loose watercolor dog painting

First pass in a loose style




4 thoughts on “It’s What’s for Lunch, Andy

  1. What a great art show, sound like lots of fun, I do love your take on Wahol….and I agree that a fantastic title. …..gosh which would I pick out of your portraits, I think it would be the first one, with background, I think it adds to the softness, but also his eye draws me in more with this one. 😀


  2. Rebecca, that has happened to me too. So far, she likes the larger one with the white background, she says it looks most like him, but she likes the background of the first loose one. I happen to like how the background helps define the fur, so I will probably try to do a background on third one this weekend.


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