Along the Rio, step by step


Today’s post is the final version of a plein air painting I started along the Rio Grande when our group went out in the early spring. It will be available to view or purchase at the Sunland Art Gallery starting in July.  More on that announcement in another post!

It is enhanced by the shadows and darks that I put in which help move your eye through the painting.  I believe it’s ready to frame, but as usual, posting the photos helps me see areas that could be addressed.

Here’s the view where I was sitting…yes, sitting!  but more on that later.  For those of you not familiar with the Rio Grande and who are surprised that it looks like a small amount of water (for an international boundary line especially), it has been dammed up since the early 1900s and intermittently has water allowed into it, and not in other seasons.  In the spring time there are small areas of water in the bed with lots of sandbars.


Because the area was uneven and I wanted to stay in the shade, I ended up using the versatility of the tripod legs to make the easel shorter and level by making the legs various heights.  So here’s how I was positioned.

along the rio_seated_setup

I was seated on the rock with the watercolor bock on the ledge in front of the paper towels.  i was experimenting using that to get excess moisture out of my brush before putting paint to paper.

Here’s what the painting looked when I left the river.


You can see I laid a real piece of the reeds onto the painting just for a memory.

And here’s the final product again:


Thanks for stopping by. Please let me know what you think about Along The Rio in watercolor.


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